in the face of continued suffering

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The scene is now set for the complete displacement of Palestinians, with the systematic destruction of and damage to civilian housing and infrastructure, rendering an entire city – such as Gaza city - uninhabitable.It's never late for us to stand together in support of the right to life and liberty of Palestinians.

Email your MP: Permanent Ceasefire NOW!

It only takes 2 minutes. Don't worry if you've not written to your MP before, you don't need to be an expert... but just a few words from a constituent like you really helps.

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To stay in touch with what's happening in Wales in support of Palestine - Protests, Meetings, Films, Art Exhibitions - and to let others know what you've planned - Join the Facebook Group Palestine Events in Wales

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Cardiff PSC is entirely organised by volunteers, who, with a growing group of activists, are focussed on educating and organising the people of the city and surrounding area and helping build the movement across Wales.We ask for a minimum of £1 a month to help cover the logistics of the campaign – publicity material, banners/flags, transport, meetings and media campaigns

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